Hivecell Edge PaaS for Kubernetes

In the cloud, you push a button and you have a Kubernetes cluster that you can deploy your containers to. Well, we give you that same experience, but at the true edge at hundreds or thousands of locations. 

Firewall workable.

Our pull architecture enables you to deploy and monitor containers from the cloud without needing to make exceptions to the firewall where your Hivecells are deployed.

High availability.

When you deploy a cluster of three or more Hivecells, you have a reliable platform at the edge. If one Hivecell should fail, you will not lose processing or data.

Automatic scaling.

Simply stack a new Hivecell on the existing cluster and it will automatically join the cluster. Of course, it has to be a Hivecell that you own. We are very particular about security.

Devops at scale.

Hivecell enables you to deploy containers to thousands of clusters with a push of a button. We also provide different deployment strategies and full rollback.

Application monitoring and management.

Hivecell PaaS out-of-the-box includes the Kubernetes monitoring and management dashboard, that allows you to manage the software down to the pods level.

No vendor lock-in.

Hivecell is open source Kubernetes. Period. What you have in the cloud is what you have on the edge.


Hivecell Edge PaaS for Kafka

Edge computing enables you to process raw data at the source and push the relevant data to the cloud. Kafka is an excellent platform for this work. Hivecell provides Kafka clusters ready to go, out of the box. Just plug it in and start streaming.

Start with a single node.

You can get started with streaming IOT data from the edge to the cloud with a single Hivecell.

Scale up for high availability.

By stacking two or more Hivecells together, you are able to create a Kafka cluster that has high availability.

Cloud replication.

Stream data from the edge to the cloud by simply picking which topics should be replicated to the cloud.

Scale linearly.

As your streaming demands grow, just stack more Hivecells. Only deploy the compute power you need when you need it.

Edge data processing.

Process raw data at the edge with simple SQL-like statements using KSQL. For more complex processing, unleash the power of KStreams.

Kafka connectors.

Easily connect your Kafka server to hundreds of data sources and destinations with out of the box Kafka connectors.

MQTT compatible.

Kafka on Hivecell comes with the MQTT interface already, so it easily connects with your existing IOT gateways.

Flight recorder mode.

Hivecell Kafka can collect local sensor data without a cloud connection. Once the Hivecell is connected to the cloud it can send the data it collected while offline.

Central management.

Manage all your Kafka clusters from one screen, even when they are behind a firewall.


Hivecell Edge PaaS for HCI

Deploy hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) to the true edge, outside the data closet! 

Joint development.

We worked closely with the architects at VMWare XLabs to design our newest server, Hivecell Z, specifically to support VMWare ESXi at the edge.

Fault tolerance.

Hivecell enables fault tolerance at the edge. Simply designate a VM and Hivecell will replicate it to another Hivecell in real time.

Web based management.

Deploy, monitor and upgrade virtual machines (VMs) through an easy to use web console, even when they are behind a firewall.

Linear scalability.

Start with a small cluster and stack more Hivecells on top as your compute demand grows. The Hivecells will automatically join the cluster.

Migrate from virtual machines to containers.

Deploy the VMs you have today. Deploy the containers you are building tomorrow. All on the same edge infrastructure.

ROBO friendly.

Hivecells are perfect for deploying controlled compute power into remote offices and branch offices. For instance, you can deploy virtual desktops in the remote office, so there is no latency, but still maintain complete lockdown control of the servers. All with no need for sending technicians out to the field.

More to come

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