Open the full potential of
your compute power.

With Hivecell + OpenNebula, it’s not just easier management.
It’s seamless power, storage and virtual networking for every node.
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Access the versatility
of a hyperconverged architecture.


A feature-rich and flexible solution for creating and managing enterprise clouds, now at the edge.

Virtualization, containerization, multi-tenancy, automatic provisioning or agile DevOps workflow – just to name a few capabilities. They’re all already in the box.


Hyperconverged Clouds - your only choice for stellar performance and reliability.

Optimized infrastructure costs and performance.

This architecture enables efficient use of resources, high redundancy and simplified management.

Effortless management.

A well-designed hyperconverged infrastructure delivers high performance persistently accessible by all applications.

Straightforward hardware inventory.

Each node contains CPU, memory, disk and network resources to act simultaneously as a storage node and a compute node.


Compute Plane

What about downtime?

In the event of any given hypervisor’s “death”, all virtual machines restart automatically on the remaining hypervisors. So if there happens to be a downtime, Hivecell’s infrastructure is automatically self-healing.

Storage Plane

Can my data be lost?

With StorMagic, Hivecell hard drives are entirely fault tolerant. Each node in the stack is synchronised with the rest, so even if one disk loses connection, not a single fraction of the raw data is lost.

Speed past the competition with hyperconverged nodes - powered by the partnership of OpenNebula and Hivecell.