Hivecell Brings Edge Computing On Premise Solutions to the Kinetic Edge Alliance

10th of November 2020

Hivecell joins Kinetic Edge Alliance to Accelerate Edge Computing at the Edge of Wireless Networks.

Hivecell Deploys In APAC and the Middle East

28th of October 2020

Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced today that strategy and consulting firm Alan Kei Associates will bring its end-to-end edge computing solution to the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

Hivecell Joins the AWS Partner Device Catalog

21st of October 2020

stack of four Hivecells by AWS logoHivecell One is now listed in the AWS Partner Device Catalog. Hivecell delivers fully-modular hardware infrastructure with a secure software layer for remote SaaS and data management. Coupled with AWS IoT Greengrass support, it will provide seamless integration of edge computing to the AWS infrastructure, enabling the deployment to hundreds or even thousands of locations with just a push of a button, even behind a firewall.

Tech Vendors Partner to Fuel Research in Medicine

13th of October 2020

stack of 72 hivecells in Iowa labHivecell, the edge as a service company, announced today it is helping researchers combat the COVID-19 pandemic by donating free use of Hivecell servers. The company provided a stack of more than 70 Hivecells to contribute to Rosetta@home’s crowdsourced COVID-19 protein research project.