Petrochemicals: Oil Rigs/ Refineries/ Drill Sites


A typical oil rig has 30,000 sensors generating massive data, but less than one percent of that data is currently being used for decision making. This data can increase production efficiency, as well as, protect human life and the environment.

Without Hivecell, it would take 12 days to move just one day’s worth of data from an oil rig to the cloud with current bandwidth. Even with 5G, there is simply not enough bandwidth to move all the edge data to the cloud. Even if you could, the cost is prohibitive. 

Hivecell enables 100% of the raw data to be used to drive decision making. Clusters of Hivecell’s can easily be deployed throughout the rig to run analytics and machine learning at the point of the data. The Hivecell’s remote provisioning, monitoring and updating system enables frictionless optimization.