Manufacturing: Factory Floor

Demand for distributed compute and machine learning models on the factory floor to process sensor data is rapidly growing.

Hivecell is the ideal platform for deploying and continually evolving distributed frameworks anywhere in your facility. Need high availability? Stack two or more Hivecells together. Need to expand compute or storage? Simply stack another Hivecell. 

Hivecell’s linear scalability combined with remote push button provisioning, monitoring and updating, provides an end-to-end solution for deploying and managing compute across a factory floor.

Efficiency, productivity and safety drives profitability on a factory floor. Hivecell makes that possible right at the source of the data for a fraction of the cost of the cloud.

Quick Service Restaurant Chains: Smart Kitchens

The smart kitchen is a reality. Friers, freezers, coffee makers, grills, cameras and point of sale operations produce endless amounts of valuable data relating to performance and maintenance. This data is the key to untapped efficiency. Hivecell provides a complete platform to take advantage of all this raw data at a fraction of the cost of the cloud.

A cluster of Hivecells can be delivered to every franchise, and installed by anyone; simply plug it in and turn it on. Hivecell’s management system allows hundreds if not thousands of locations to be provisioned, monitored and updated remotely with the press of a button. This data enables a more efficient, productive and safer workplace, which drives customer satisfaction.

Petrochemicals: Oil Rigs/ Refineries/ Drill Sites

A typical oil rig has 30,000 sensors generating massive data, but less than one percent of that data is currently being used for decision making. This data can increase production efficiency, as well as, protect human life and the environment.

Without Hivecell, it would take 12 days to move just one day’s worth of data from an oil rig to the cloud with current bandwidth. Even with 5G, there is simply not enough bandwidth to move all the edge data to the cloud. Even if you could, the cost is prohibitive. 

Hivecell enables 100% of the raw data to be used to drive decision making. Clusters of Hivecell’s can easily be deployed throughout the rig to run analytics and machine learning at the point of the data. The Hivecell’s remote provisioning, monitoring and updating system enables frictionless optimization.

Renewable Energy: Wind Turbines/ Solar Farms

There are over 350,000 wind turbines in use today. Windmills and solar farms constantly strive to squeeze every bit of efficiency. The key to increased efficiency is data, not only the scientific analysis of performance, but also the accurate prediction and response to environmental changes. The volume of data is huge, and the compute power is intense.

Moving all that data to the cloud is impractical and expensive. The answer lies in edge computing. The answer lies in Hivecell. Two Hivecells per turbine provides all the compute power required to capture and analyze the data, as well as, provides redundancy, and the software can be remotely provisioned, monitored and updated. 

Healthcare: Nurses Stations/ Remote Clinics

Healthcare is an information intensive business in volume, risk, and security. In a hospital, life can literally depend on the reliable availability of information. Every hospital faces the same challenges: where to put the computers? Space, electricity, and cooling are at a premium. The network closets on every floor are overfilled, overheated and underpowered, yet every day brings new demands for compute power.

Hivecell clusters can be installed anywhere on every floor of the hospital to meet the ever increasing bandwidth demand for all the new smart technology being implemented to save lives.

Weather: Forecasting/ Warnings

Weather is big business. Weather affects many industries, such as agriculture, transportation, tourism, construction, and retail. Companies in these industries gain a competitive advantage by understanding how weather affects their customer’s behavior, and proactively anticipating behavior through accurate weather forecasting.

The more accurate the forecast, the more valuable the forecast. Radar gives a live snapshot, but does not always accurately predict. However, if you can combine radar with past data analysis of like conditions, then the forecast becomes more accurate. Hivecell provides the compute power at the source to run these models more efficiently from both a logistical and economical  vantage.

Data Science

Hivecell’s built-in patent-pending provisioning system enables developers to install complex distributed frameworks on a cluster with a single click of a button. Hivecell supports many distributed frameworks, including Kubernetes, VMware, Kafka and Tensorflow. Hivecell is designed for machine learning. Each Hivecell has a 256 CUDA core GPU, so data scientists can now have the resources they need to inexpensively and securely design, train and test models wherever needed.

With Hivecell, installing a distributed framework is as pushing a button. Developers can focus on developing, and data scientists can focus on analysis with the convenience of multi-server compute power at the true edge.


Hotels chains all face the same data challenges. The hotels are adding more and more smart devices and IoT, which generates valuable data to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, the data closets are overfilled and underpowered, yet they are pushed to capture and process mounting data.

Adding or replacing compute with Hivecells provides the required processing power and analytics to convert the raw data into valuable data to drive efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.