Hivecell is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for deploying and scaling computing power at the true, outside the data closet, at hundreds or thousands of locations. Hivecell Beekeeper makes that compute power logistically and economically feasible.


Push button rollout

The rollout of real compute power at hundreds if not thousands of locations is a daunting task. With our advanced automation, Hivecell makes this task trivial.

Easily import the addresses of your rollout locations into Hivecell Beekeeper. We geolocate and validate the addresses for you. You can also import your business specific metadata along with the locations.

You determine how many locations you want to deploy each week. You set the pace. Drag and drop the addresses into the schedule for rollout. You can do this by groups or metadata for prioritization. Then watch in real time as the hives are shipped, delivered and come online. You will be automatically alerted if anything is delayed.

Zero touch installation

Hivecell is designed so that anyone can install it. No technicians required. If you can deliver a pizza, you can install a Hivecell.

Plug in power and ethernet. Don’t worry, those are the only ports on a Hivecell. There is nothing to get confused about. Turn it on and it works. You now have compute power at the edge ready to work for you.

To expand the compute power, just stack more Hivecells on top to form a hive. Hivecell passes power and ethernet through our unique Baranovsky connectors. No clutter or confusion of wires to deal with.

Zero Ops. Zero tech. Zero truck rolls.

Zero touch provisioning

As soon as your Hivecells are online, they are automatically provisioned with the platform you requested for that location. Whether it is Kubernetes, Kafka or hypervisor, you have the same compute platform you use in the cloud.

Your edge cluster scales linearly, just like the cloud. If you need more compute power, just stack another Hivecell on the hive. It will automatically join the cluster.

Zero touch monitoring

With Hivecell, you have your own subdomain on the cloud to monitor your Hivecells, even when deployed to thousands of locations behind firewalls that you do not control.

Hivecell provides smart monitoring. No one can watch thousands of servers. We do that for you. If a Hivecell should fail, we will automatically ship a replacement out. If your cluster starts to exceed its resources, we will alert you.

Push button deployment

Your business has applications, containers, virtual machines, machine learning models, stream processes that it needs to deploy to the edge. Those things need to be continuously updated, improved and extended.

Hivecell provides push button deployment of your applications to the edge at thousands of locations.

Push button upgrade

If your cluster starts to exceed its resources, we will alert you. With a push of a button, you can deploy more compute power where it is needed. We ship out the Hivecell and anyone can add it to the stack.

Hivecell provides true linear scalability at the true edge. Start with only the compute power you need today, realize the return investment incrementally and grow effortlessly.

It bears repeating: Zero Ops. Zero tech. Zero truck rolls.

Zero touch update 

Hivecell manages the whole stack for you so you can focus on deploying your business logic. Just like the cloud, we make sure that the operating system and platform such as Kubernetes or Kafka are always up to date. We will even update the hardware as needed over time. It’s all included.

Hivecell gives you the compute power and ease you have come to expect in the cloud and delivers it for you at the true edge.