Press Release - 07/19/2021

Hivecell Partners with OpenNebula to Offer a Power Play Partnership at the Edge

Partnership delivers a solution to place hyperconverged infrastructure at the “true edge”

BEACON, NY – July 19, 2021Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced today a partnership with OpenNebula, the leading cloud management software vendor to bring cutting-edge technology solutions to the “true edge,” outside the data center or data closet. 

With Hivecell’s complete, Platform-as-a-Service solution for edge computing in collaboration with OpenNebula’s software solution, the partnership will offer simplicity and scalability that takes compute power from the cloud and places it directly at the edge, where data is produced. With OpenNebula’s focus on reducing latency and enabling businesses to deploy compute power as close to devices as possible, Hivecell’s Edge-as-a-Service solution will provide an easily, scalable infrastructure to meet the demands of enterprises that are looking to take their first steps into edge computing.

“Hivecell excels at building reliable and manageable edge infrastructure. Partnering with OpenNebula enabled us to bring the power of hyper-convergent infrastructure to our customers. That’s where a trusted open-source partner comes in,” said Paul Lyman, President at Hivecell. “With OpenNebula, we are delivering the enterprise-grade edge computing solution that is not only remarkably easier to install and maintain but also remarkably less expensive than traditional solutions.”

Hivecell’s partnership with OpenNebula will provide customers with the benefits of a hyper-converged infrastructure: efficiency and reliability. Equipped with OpenNebula software, Hivecell nodes provide simple inventory management, high redundancy, and stable performance. 

“The vision at OpenNebula is to make multi-cloud invisible and hide the underlying complexities by providing a simple and flexible orchestration platform offering complete portability and intuitive automation,” said Ignacio M. Llorente, CEO of OpenNebula Systems. “Our partnership with Hivecell is point-for-point a perfect match, as the Edge-as-a-Service offering that Hivecell has brought to market is precisely the type of solution aimed at taking all of the buzzwords surrounding “edge computing”, and with OpenNebula software at its base, packaging them into a structured and easily manageable and scalable product.


About Hivecell

Hivecell is the Edge as a Service company redefining the category of edge computing with easy-to-deploy, future-proofed, technology agnostic solutions empowering companies to scale infinitely and save massive amounts of resources in their management and processing of big data. It takes compute power out of the data center and places it at the true edge, enabling companies to efficiently manage thousands of remote locations without the use of a huge IT team and at 50 percent of the cost of traditional cloud providers. To learn more visit,


About OpenNebula Systems

OpenNebula Systems develops OpenNebula, supports its Community, and provides SLA-based support, enterprise tools, consulting, and training. OpenNebula Systems has a global presence with offices in Europe and the US. Check for more information.

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