Press Release - 11/10/2020

Hivecell Brings Edge Computing On Premise Solutions to the Kinetic Edge Alliance

Joins Kinetic Edge Alliance to Accelerate Edge Computing at the Edge of Wireless Networks.

Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced that it is bringing its edge computing solution to the Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA), the industry’s first working group dedicated to accelerating edge computing by connecting stakeholders with end-users and customers. Hivecell makes it possible to deploy on-premises compute to hundreds or thousands of locations while managing them from one central location to provision, monitor, and update complex distributed frameworks like Kubernetes, Kafka, and hypervisors remotely.

Customers need ways to take low-latency services delivered by the Kinetic Edge and add value to them with on-premises solutions, and that’s where Hivecell comes in. We offer easy to manage and deploy on-premises compute that can tie back to the Kinetic Edges,” said Jeffrey Ricker, co-founder and CEO of Hivecell. “Hivecell is proud to join Vapor IO and the other members of the Kinetic Edge Alliance to provide complete, end-to-end solutions for customers to deploy successfully at the edge.

The KEA brings together 60 industry leaders, including deployment and technical partners, in order to create unique, collaborative solutions to edge computing challenges that leverage the Kinetic Edge. The KEA represents members from many different stakeholder industries, from silicon providers like Arm to tower and real estate companies like SBA and Crown Castle.
Hivecell provides enterprises with simple, scalable solutions to efficiently manage thousands of remote edge locations without the use of a large IT team. By combining Hivecell technologies with the Kinetic Edge, on-premises workloads can be made to work in concert with cloud and near-prem workloads for an optimized solution.

Enterprises are looking for agile ways to combine edge services from the cloud with edge services on premises, especially as AI and machine learning applications become more sophisticated,” said Matt Trifiro, CMO of Vapor IO. “We’re thrilled to welcome Hivecell to the KEA. They provide an important piece of an edge-to-core solution that incorporates on-prem workloads. Hivecell’s unique solution enables organizations to provision, monitor, and update their on-premise extensions to the Kinetic Edge with the push of a button.

You can learn more about the KEA here. Companies interested in learning how they can potentially use Hivecell for a future project should email

About Hivecell
Hivecell is the Edge-as-a-Service company redefining the category of edge computing with easy-to-deploy, future-proofed, technology agnostic solutions empowering companies to scale infinitely and save massive amounts of resources in their management and processing of big data. It takes compute power out of the data center and places it at the true edge, enabling companies to efficiently manage thousands of remote locations without the use of a huge IT team and at 50 percent of the cost of traditional cloud providers. To learn more visit,

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