Press Release - 10/28/2020

Hivecell Deploys In APAC and the Middle East

Alan Kei Associates Partners with Hivecell to Expand Geographical Reach of Edge Computing Solution

Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced today that strategy and consulting firm Alan Kei Associates will bring its end-to-end edge computing solution to the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

Organizations in industries such as telecom, manufacturing, maritime and energy will have access to Hivecell’s flagship solutions, including Hivecell One and Hivecell Z. Hivecell is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for easily deploying and scaling computing power at the true edge, outside the data closet, at hundreds or thousands of locations.

“There’s a great opportunity for Hivecell, as the APAC region is expected to be the forerunner in using the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2023,” said Jeffrey Ricker, co-founder and CEO of Hivecell. “As more and more organizations look to realize the full potential of IoT deployments, they are shifting from traditional cloud computing to bring compute power back to the true edge, closest to the source of the data. The Alan Kei Associates’ team is at the forefront of Cloud, IoT and AI technologies, and we’re excited to have them as our partner in these regions.

Hivecell makes edge computing logistically and economically feasible:

–  Processing raw data on Hivecell and moving only business data to the cloud is 400 times less expensive than moving and processing raw data in the cloud

–  The CPU and memory in Hivecell is two times less expensive than equivalent instance type in the cloud, even with a full year discount

–  Running machine learning models at the edge on Hivecell is 30 times less expensive than running in the cloud

–  Deploying software with Hivecell is four times less expensive than deploying with traditional hardware and a system integrator

Hivecell recognized a growing problem as organizations look to deploy more sophisticated AI and machine learning models at the edge,” said Julian Lloyd, managing partner at Alan Kei Associates. “As companies continue to face challenges with latency, cost, bandwidth and security with traditional cloud computing, we’re now poised to offer a better alternative with Hivecell.

APAC and Middle East organizations interested in learning more about how Hivecell can help should contact

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