Press Release - 10/13/2020

Tech Vendors Partner to Fuel Research in Medicine

Hivecell provides edge compute power to enable Rosetta@home’s crowdsourced COVID-19 treatment research.

Hivecell, the edge as a service company, announced today it is helping researchers combat the COVID-19 pandemic by donating free use of Hivecell servers.

The company provided a stack of more than 70 Hivecells to contribute to Rosetta@home’s crowdsourced COVID-19 protein research project.

Rosetta@home brings together millions of citizen-scientists around the world to help identify new treatments
for viruses like COVID-19. The work is completed through distributed computing projects that utilize the surplus processing power of PCs and servers to carry out various compute-intensive tasks. The research could
not be conducted without the donation of computing power.

With more than 70 of Hivecell’s flagship product, Hivecell ONE, the contribution ranked 42nd in the total number of CPUs out of more than 30,000 teams participating in the project. As a demonstration of the edge nature of Hivecell, the entire cluster (or “hive”) was deployed for several weeks on a single plastic shelf in a shipping bay and powered from a single standard 20 amp wall socket.

COVID-19 will be stopped like every other disease: through disciplined scientific research,” said Jeffrey Ricker, co-founder and CEO of Hivecell. “We are proud to support the work of Rosetta@home. It has been exciting to see Hivecell put up to the test and even more rewarding to see it exceed expectations.”

Rosetta@home operates on the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) which has existed since 2002. BOINC is open-source and funded primarily by the National Science Foundation.

We’re so grateful to all of our donors for their help in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic through research,” said David Baker, founder of Rosetta@home.

The Rosetta@home project is an important case study in the use of Hivecells for changing the way we think about compute power. The company is poised to help other nonprofits and organizations by providing the power of an enterprise computing solution with the flexibility to deploy at any remote location.

Companies interested in learning how they can potentially use Hivecell for a future project should email

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