News - 04/10/2020

Have You Started Thinking About Your Edge Computing Strategy?

All the talk these days is cloud, cloud, cloud. I hope I don’t put you off by asking: Have you started thinking about your edge computing strategy?

The more advanced companies were the first to leverage the advantages of cloud computing such as fast deployment, elastic scaling and software as a service. These companies are also the first to realize that cloud computing is not a panacea. As they deploy new projects for the internet of things (IOT), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), they are facing the need to push compute power out of the cloud back to the edge. Among the reasons are latency, bandwidth and security.

The experience in the cloud, however, has significantly raised our expectations. We have become accustomed to push button deployment, hardware resilience and automatic failover. We no longer anticipate an army of technicians to deploy new solutions. Let’s face it: the desktop computers and pizza box servers we used before the cloud are not going to meet our new expectations as we move compute power back to the edge.

That’s why we created Hivecell.

The small, sleek, stackable form of a Hivecell enables you to deploy multiple servers where space is hard to come by, such as in a quick service restaurant, or on a factory floor or even on a desktop. The Hivecells snap together like toy blocks. Just plug power and ethernet into the bottom Hivecell and they are shared automatically up the stack. No clutter of wires.

Hivecells bring true linear scalability to compute power. There is no chassis, no backplane. To expand your compute power you just place another Hivecell on top of the stack. It clicks into place. If you can deliver a pizza, you can install a Hivecell.

Even more important for simplicity is the built-in provisioning system. Hivecell may be the first server built for repurposing. Installing complex applications such as Kubernetes, Mesos, Hadoop and Kafka is as easy as installing an app on a smartphone. Imagine deploying or upgrading edge computers in thousands of locations with a push of a button. If anything goes wrong, a Hivecell will automatically recover to a known state.

Think of the possibilities. With the simplicity that Hivecell brings, what compute challenges could you push from the cloud back to the edge?

Have you started thinking about your edge computing strategy?

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