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The power of many.
The mind of one.


Think of it as the unserver. An infinitely scalable big data, edge-as-service solution that pushes computing to the true edge.

Keeping the data where it happens, boxed in our yellow, intuitively engineered machines. Monitored remotely from an admin dashboard. Crunching the data on-site, without a big data closet. Only sending the relevant data back to the cloud.

Capable of instant deployment. A combination hardware and software service, programmed with your existing platform. Manageable and scalable with a simple click.

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Big data.
Built one cell
at a time.

The Old Way

Picture a business, with hundreds or thousands of locations. Generating tons of data at each location - security camera footage, inventory management, patient info, etc. Then transporting all of that data, via the cloud, to a central server for processing and management. Then making determinations based on the data, and sending communications back to the edge locations.

This is the old way. It’s slow, sloppy and puts a lot of pressure on that data center. It also costs your company massively in time, money and personnel.

The Edge Way

So what if your business could instead, easily process all of that data in tiny, ergonomic but powerful units working at each location? While still being able to monitor and control them from a central admin dashboard?

No sending massive amounts of data.No expensive server maintenance. No training. No complex integration. No need to send the IT guy around the country or back into the data closet to rewire his way around a problem.

The Hivecell Way

This is Hivecell, the new unit in edge computing. Each little box, always buzzing. A swarm that acts like a server. Keeping your platform alive. Faster, smarter, cheaper and more reliable. Future-proofed by design. Scalable at the push of a button.

The first, complete edge-as-a-service solution. And, you don’t have to buy, maintain or program any hardware. We handle it all as part of our support and service. We deploy. You plug and go. All you get is the data you need.


“How Hivecell Works” Video

From hardware to software, we’ve created a complete edge-as-a-service system that integrates wherever you need it and is designed to grow at your pace, with ease. How? With click-and-go devices and a subscription-modeled support service.


Leading the Relevant-Data Revolution

Business truth: You don’t need hardware. Or software. You need relevant data, where and when you need it. That’s what Hivecell delivers.

Whether you’re running containers or virtual machines, our edge-as-service solution supports the most widely used platforms today. And we’re ready to deploy the platforms of tomorrow, too.

Edge PaaS for

Container orchestration. Application monitoring and management.

  • Firewall workable
  • High availability
  • Automatic scaling
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Unbreakable reliability

Edge PaaS for

Process the raw data. Only send the relevant data.

  • Start with a single node
  • Scale up for high availability
  • Cloud replication
  • Scale linearly
  • Edge data processing

Edge PaaS for

Efficiently manage virtual machines. On a vast scale.

  • Joint development with VMWARE
  • Linear scalability
  • Fault tolerance
  • ROBO friendly
  • Easy migration from VM to containers

Don’t See Your Platform?

Don’t worry. We can develop and deploy it.

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News - 12/10/2020

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a new type of compute power that exists between the smart things and the cloud. It is surprising how many new things […]

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Press Release - 12/10/2020

Wpx Energy Aims to Improve Drilling and Completion Operations With Hivecell Edge-as-a-service for Confluent

The new technology solution will enable leading energy company to generate business-relevant data from drilling and completion operations. Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced today that WPX […]

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Press Release - 11/10/2020

Hivecell Brings Edge Computing On Premise Solutions to the Kinetic Edge Alliance

Joins Kinetic Edge Alliance to Accelerate Edge Computing at the Edge of Wireless Networks. Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced that it is bringing its edge […]

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Press Release - 10/28/2020

Hivecell Deploys In APAC and the Middle East

Alan Kei Associates Partners with Hivecell to Expand Geographical Reach of Edge Computing Solution Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced today that strategy and consulting firm Alan […]

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Press Release - 10/21/2020

Hivecell Joins the AWS Partner Device Catalog

Hivecell Edge-as-a-Service with AWS IoT Greengrass support provides seamless integration of edge computing to the AWS infrastructure. Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced today that Hivecell […]

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Press Release - 10/13/2020

Tech Vendors Partner to Fuel Research in Medicine

Hivecell provides edge compute power to enable Rosetta@home’s crowdsourced COVID-19 treatment research. Hivecell, the edge as a service company, announced today it is helping researchers […]

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News - 04/10/2020

Six Reasons for Edge Computing

The most advanced companies, those that apply technology for strategic advantage, were the first to adopt cloud computing. They are now the first to realize […]

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News - 04/10/2020

The Combine Harvester Metaphor for Edge Computing

Brenner combine harvester 1930s, CLAAS KGaA mbH A metaphor that we use to explain edge computing is “finding the needle in the haystack.” Why move […]

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